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The Summer 2015 Exhibit at the UCHS History Center Museum was entitled ─“From Eighth Grade and High School Diplomas to Academies, Normal Schools, and Colleges: Higher Education Through the Years in Upshur County.” Higher Education began with receiving an eighth grade diploma [many high school students would have trouble passing that exam today and we shared that exam form with many of our visitors], possibly going on to one of the county’s high schools [Buckhannon High School, Upshur County High School, or Victoria High School] or even to an Academy or College including the Buckhannon Male and Female Academy [prior to the Civil War], Baxter Institute [the Presbyterian College effort that never got beyond its foundation], The WV United Brethren Normal and Classical Academy [on College Avenue during the late 1800s and for which College Avenue was named], the short lived French Creek Academy and the Indian Camp Normal School [teacher training programs] to the most long lasting of all, West Virginia Wesleyan College (since 1890 celebrating 125 years of service to the community in 2015). We had designed wonderful exhibit units on each of these institutions and they received raves from the several hundred visitors during the season.

We also hosted several special events at the History Center Museum during the exhibit season. In September, the National Tenney Family Association met in Upshur County for their annual gathering and we hosted a special reception in their honor. Later in the fall, Brett Miller also kept the museum open for guests of WV Wesleyan College during their Homecoming. In October, Noel W. Tenney and David Thachik hosted and conducted an “Exhibit Workshop” for members of the AFHA and the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia AmeriCorps members.

You will not want to miss visiting the History Center between early June and the end of September, 2016, Sunday afternoons, 1-4pm. for our Summer 2016 Exhibit which will be all about the “History of the West Virginia Strawberry Festival: 75 Years and Still Going.”

Each summer we have many returning visitors and some who are visiting for the very first time. We still have too many people who tell us that they want to make a visit but put it off until the exhibit closes. Make a note on your calendar to visit the exhibit this summer. We will look forward to seeing you there.

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Civil War Days at Our Building

During the Civil War, this structure was commandeered for use by the Federal government (as were most church buildings in this area) as a food commissary.  Betty Hornbeck, in her book Upshur Brothers of the Blue and Gray, writes that on August 30, 1862 , following the battle of “Watertank Hill,” in a Confederate victory known as the “Jenkins Raid,” twenty to thirty captured Federal prisoners were marched first to the courthouse and …

After the arms had been destroyed, the prisoners were taken to the Southern Methodist Church on West Main Street that was being used as a commissary. The church contained thousands of bushels of oats and corn, all of which were taken into the street and burned by the prisoners under order of Commander Jenkins. Green coffee beans were shoe deep in the street.

The oil painting inside over the front entrance depicts the looting and pillaging of that frightening night so long ago.

The History Center Museum is an historic structure, built in 1856 and is the oldest extant building on Main Street in Buckhannon.  It was listed on National Register of Historic Places in 1992.



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