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Item #2018
2018 Journal, Volume 31.  2018 Journal, Volume 31. Articles include: G.C. Murphy Co.; Fires on Main Street; Musicians of Upshur County; Rural Electrification of Upshur County; New England Settlers; Kollege Kitchen and Spudnut Shop; The Kesling Families.

Item #2017
2017 Journal, Volume 30. 
 2016 Journal, Volume 29. Articles include: Henry F. Westfall; Upshur County Hospitals; Medical Doctors of Upshur County; Patent Medicine in Upshur County; History of Undertaking in Upshur County; Early Death Customs; Donald Lee Marsh.

Item #2016

2016 Journal, Volume 29, Number 1.   Articles include: Strawberry Festival History; G.O. Young; Early Buckhannon History; Roy A. West, Folklorist, Special Pullout Section on Long and Vance Families.

Item #2011
2011 Newsletter, Volume 24, Number 1.
Articles include:  Colonel Higginbotham, Indian Camp History.  IN STOCK

Item #2010
2010 Newsletter, Volume 23, Number 1.
Articles include: Last Train Ride to Pickens, Hampton History, EvUnBreth Acres History. 
PDF Available

Item #2009
2009 Newsletter, Volume 22, Number 1. 
Articles include: Camps Along the Buckhannon River.  IN STOCK.

Item #2008
2008 Newsletter, Volume 21, Number 1. Articles include:
Goodwin, WV, Frank and Jesse James, Henry Overton Middleton,, When Wesleyan was a Military Base, Brooks Hill, James W. Curry, Another Ghost Story Revived, Special Pullout Section on Wilton Ray Tenney, Upshur County Native Son and Remembered Photographer.

Item #2007
2007 Newsletter, Volume 20, Number 1. Articles include:
Saying Goodbye to Home Hardware, Special Tribute to WV State Archives Library, Susan Hoffman Gooden, Buckhannon State Capital?, 4-H in Upshur County, Spanish Influenza, The Big Snow of 1950, Special Pullout Section on Goldie Chapman, Upshur County Gardener.

Item #2006
2006 Newsletter, Volume 19, Number 1. Articles include:
Miller Family, Major Wilson & Henry Powell, Farnsworth Family, 1860 Upshur Census, Buckhannon Plaid, From Newspapers Past, Special Pullout Section on Genealogical Research.

Item #2005
2005 Newsletter, Volume 18, Number 1. Articles include:
Snell School, Dunkard Church, Snell-Miller Cemetery, 1836 Gazetteer, The Tenney Family in Upshur County, Booth Bond Farm Diary, John Kinley Tener,  WPA Mattress Making, George A. Grove from French Creek, From Newspapers Past, Special Pullout Section on Linda Cornett.

Item #2004
2004 Newsletter, Volume 17, Number 1. Articles include:
The Irish Settlement in Upshur County, Survey of French Creek  W.Va.., In Memoria, Virginia Bly Hoover, French Creek Nature Club, Richard Lynne Byrne, Captain Alexander Poundstone, Ray Tenney.


Item #2003
2003 Newsletter, Volume 16, Number 1. Articles include: Marsha Sumner Phillips Civil War Diary, Tidbits from past Newspapers, Historic Equipment Division “Prison Labor Building”, Heavner Grove, Alexander Boom Town 1889-1925, Charles Roessing, Ira B. Westfall, Laws of Genealogy, Genealogist’s Check-list, Special Pullout on Upshur County Maps.

Item #2002
2002 Newsletter, Volume 15, Number 1. Sesquicentennial Celebration Review, Civil War Review with Michael Phillips, Two Prominent Upshur Countians, Gilmore Franklin Queen, Alton West Virginia, Palace Valley, The Feola Family of Upshur County, Special WWII Review.

Item #2001
2001 Newsletter, Volume 14, Number 1. Articles include: Upshur County Sesquicentennial Celebration, Articles and Notes on Upshur County History: Correspondence from an Unknown  Correspondent, Stebbinsville Upshur County, Buckhannon Fire Department, Poe Bridge Takes A Ride, A.P. Russell and G.O. Young. PDF AVAILABLE

Item #2000
2000 Newsletter, Volume 13, Number 1. Articles include:
Baxter Institute Update, Upshur County History Quiz, Profiles of Upshur County Personalities:Revolutionary War Veterans from Upshur County, Peter J. Potts-Civil War Soldier, Progressive West Virginians, 1905, Henry Powell, Former Slave, Arthur B. Waugh, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Pare Lorentz, Movie Maker, Pictorial Biographies by Lowell Talbott, Annie Latham Bartlett,  Mary Dean Nesbitt.


Item #1999
1999 Newsletter, Volume 12, Number 1.
Articles include: The West Virginia Normal and Classical Academy, News of the Past, Census of 1860 Story, Civil War in Upshur County,  Courthouse Celebrates 100 Years.

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