These six collections are by district (except for Heavner Cemetery by itself) are of various sizes and contain updated information on all known cemeteries of this county (tombstone info and additional if known).  Indexed and hole punched for notebooks.

Item #0006

1991. 97 pages. Price: $13.00

Item #0007
BUCKHANNON AND WARREN DISTRICTS. 1991. 145 pages. Price: $18.00

Item #0008
MEADE DISTRICT. Revised, 1994. 78 pages. Price: $11.00

Item #0009
WASHINGTON DISTRICT. Revised, 1995, 83 pages.
Price: $13.00

Item #0010
BANKS DISTRICT. Revised, 1993. 126 pages. Price: $15.00

Item #0011
HEAVNER CEMETERY. 1992, 247 PAGES. Price: $27.00
(This reading also contains the Old Baptist, Carper, Catholic Sisters, and Buckhannon Memorial Park sections.)

Item #0042
MASTER INDEX TO THE UPSHUR COUNTY CEMETERY READINGS.  This is a newly prepared master index to all six cemetery readings above.  Alphabetized by surname and within by given name, contains cemetery name and district location of each.  This is a very useful tool to have before investing in the actual cemetery reading publications. Price: $35.00
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